Friday, February 15, 2013

Starfire Angels- Melanie Nilles

This is the first book in the "Dark Angel Chronicles". Let me just tell all of you, I was very surprised with the outcome of this book. Usually when you get Free-be's on Amazon and Baren's and Nobles, the writing is TERRIBLE! But this book was so good, I just couldn't put it down. No matter what I did, I always ended up with my phone in my hands, on my kindle app, reading the story. I knew Pallin was trouble when they first introduced him. Some authors play this game of cat and mouse where the villian pretends to be innocent and then trys to kill someone. Let me just say that was not what happened with this story. You kinda just get this...vibe about Pallin that he's bad. Whenever Raea was with him I was always cursing her to hell and back. I couldn't stand Raea the first half of the book. Now of course I love Raea. So to sum it up for you I will not be talking about the purple-eyed hottie that I so want to meet, I hate Pallin, I love the author and I love Raea. Yep and for this book I give it FIVE STARS!!!