Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cinderella by Jenni James

Cinderella by Jenni James is a reformed version of the original Cinderella. It's a cute little fairy tale. FYI, there are no fairy godmothers here. There are horses. The main characters name is Ella. She's a servant in her own home. She owns the home, just doesn't know it because her stepmother claimed it hers and poor, sweet Ella never questioned a thing. She has two stepsisters. Off the top of my head I can't remember their names so we'll just call them thing one and thing two. Thing one you will soon learn to love. She's sweet and caring while thing two is rude and obnoxious and a complete witch. Thing one likes our lovely princes cousin, but thing two always gets in the way. This is what makes thing one and Ella friends. Ella is all alone until she meets Anthony, aka our lovely prince (FYI I forgot the prince's name too). Ella is always following the rules. She never gets in trouble. Then she gets a personal invite to a royal frickin' ball. Yay. Not. This causes dilemma for poor Ella because her stepmother doesn't understand why the Queen singled her out. Uh-oh. So then there's this whole process of Anthony and Ella falling in love and yadda-yadda-yadda. But it's all under a false pretense, seeing as Anthony is the prince and all. And when Ella finds out she's furious. As in, cuts off all tides and everything. But in the end, there's a happy ending. Ella and princey boy get married and have children. Thing one and the prince's cousin, aka a duke, get married after he sees she's not a total klutz (she had been accidentally falling all over him) and that it was thing two's doing. Thing two and our lovely stepmother are now servants at Ella's manor. And yes, Ella does find the deed to the home and gets it back from the stepmother. Happy Ever After 9