Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey, look at me, following through on my promise like that. I'm so proud of myself. So on with the show...
So Adversary pretty much starts with Maddie having a nightmare and waking up when Drew shot himself. Side note:you should read Minder before reading this post. Some things might just make more sense that way. Drew was coming over to tell Trevor and Maddie that they were going on a mission. They had to get past Greg and Frank's (their team trainers) latest test. They pass. 
So later on in the fourth chapter (I'm so terrible given y'all these details like you might not want to find out by yourself) Maddie is going to check on Trevor because of...something. So Trevor's hands-that's what he calls them-throw Maddie down from where she was up on the loft. She lands wrong and breaks her leg, which is super smooth. Matilda-one of the healers-heals her leg but tell it didn't heal correctly and so she sends Trevor, Grace, Hannah, Zack-a new charm-, Rachel, and Maddie to get a MRI. They sent the new charm because he can naturally block and so the want a head check. 
So they do that shiz and return to an empty Ganzfield. There are dead bodies everywhere from The Sons of Adam people who attacked them. (I finally figured out what happened in Minder. I guess I'll tell ya now. Basically Trevor and Maddie go to town to get some supplies. While Maddie's in the store, Trevor gets captured by The Sons of Adam. Then Grace, Hannah, Rachel, Drew-I think-and Maddie go to rescue Trevor. Trevor was strapped up to a bed and knocked out. So they save him and blah blah blah. Happy ending.) So Rachel seeks out Sean (a spark and her boyfriend) to see if he's dead. He's at his families camp. So they all go and seeing that people are alive and well, they figure out Matilda and her twin, Morris, are missing. Rachel uses her RV powers and they go to the house where the two healers are kept (Matilda and Morris are both healers). They find out Isaiah is there (you learn about him in Minder). 
So Rachel, Cecelia, Sean, Hannah, Drew, Trevor and Maddie go out to rescue Matilda and Morris. There Matilda tells Trevor that Isaiah can charm, RV, and use his original Minder powers. Maddie, ever the hero, decides that no one is safe unless Isaiah is dead. 
So she sneaks in to his house where Isaiah is having this charity thing. Isaiah notices another Minder close by and charms everyone to freeze. Dumbly Maddie doesn't freeze and Isaiah notices. So they both tap into their killer power (only Isaiah and Maddie can kill people through their Minder powers), and they both break each others shields and fry each others Broca area ( you know the one that allows you to speak and shiz). So now Isaiah can't charm anyone and Maddie's speechless, quite literally. And stuff happens and Trevor throws Isaiah out the window and Sean died because he was making sure Trevor was okay. And then Trevor and Maddie (after Maddie  wakes up from a 9 day coma) are in the middle of a trap to kill Isaiah, which doesn't work. And something or another happens and the book ends. 


So, Ganzfield is a 6 book series so I'm gonna do a different post as I reread all the books. Sadly, I have yet to read the last book. 😢
Any who, the first book is Minder. So this girl, Madeline Dunn (who prefers being called Maddie) is the main character and everything (I believe) is in her POV. Continuing, so Minder starts off with Maddie in the police station. You later find out in the next chapter (if I'm right) that Maddie was walking home from school or some shiz and was captured in a van by some high schoolers from her school. They guys are male and bring her to a deserted parking lot. They then attempt, attempt to rape her. Maddie had her shirt torn down the middle and she was of course freaking out. In Maddie's mind she's mentally screaming "No!" (that was directly quoted from the book. I'm amazing) and all of a sudden she gets this surge of energy and the guy holding her down suddenly goes slack and falls down on top of Maddie. It takes a few minutes for it to kick into her mind that she had killed the three rapist. A few chapters later Maddie's at Ganzfield, a special sanctuary for special kids with extra special powers. So lets review in the next few minutes-or seconds-the shortened version of the people's name,of their power, and what the that power is. 
RV's-so RV stands for Remote View. So RV's can find people and objects, which in my opinion is pretty dang cool. RV's can "see" things that are hidden. This power would be useful for people who always lose things. 
Sparks-Sparks are the people who have pyrokinesis, so you would never need a lighter when around these people. About maybe a quarter of the people in Ganzfield (which holds around 80 people) are sparks. Sparks have this game called Fireball or something like that. Basically they make a ball of fire and toss it from person to person. 
Charms-Charms hold half the population at Ganzfield. Charms can charm people to with their words to do what they want. Most charms are cruel, evil creatures. Most charms also think they are better than everyone else. Minders have a special immunity to charms, making their minds unable to be charmed. Many people also fear charms. 
Healers-Obviously from the name you can tell that healers purposefully harm people. Kidding!! No, healers can heal people. But healers are also very bad in combat because they want to save everyone, even the bad guys. But healers also have an awesome power, they can knock someone out. Basically they make people go nighty-night. 
Then we have Trevor. Trevor is a telekinetic , in fact the only one in the school. Trevor ends up being Maddie's boyfriend. Trevor, because he's telekinetic, he throws things in his sleep. So him and Maddie are the perfect match because they both throw things in their sleep. Maddie throws dreams and nightmare and Trevor grabs objects and throws them. 
So this is really sad, but I can't really remember what the whole entire plot is about. Which is weird since I read this book, again, just a few days ago. I know. Pathetic Hannah. You should be ashamed of yourself. But seriously I have an excuse. I'm moving and packers were at my house all week long. 
So, I'll try to have the next post of this book either later today or in a few days. Lets hope that I actually follow through this time on my promise. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ellen Schreiber-Once in a Full Moon

Okay "Once In A Full Moon" screams werewolves. Yes there are werewolves involved. One werewolf from what I can tell. This obviously means I didn't finish the book. Which I didn't. I'm lady enough to admit I didn't finish the dumb book. I got halfway through and I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm a HUGE wimp. So this isn't  gonna be all accurate but whateva. So let us begin. 
So the main character is this chick named Celeste Parker. I guess the main male character is some dude named Brandon (Im such a nit that I forgot his last name and the only way I know Celeste's is because I couldn't figure out what her first name was so I searched it up). 
So the place is Legends Run. So Celeste doesn't believe in the whole werewolf legend going around. This is one of two things I actually like about this character. Yea one of two. The other thing I like is she's not biased about what "side of the tracks" you live in. 
So basically Legends Run is split in two sections. There's the Westside and the Riverside. The Riverside is full of "poor" people who stand by tradition and all that jazz. The Westside is full of stuck up, think-they're-better-than-you people. If you haven't guessed it yet, the Westside is full of rich people. 
So Celeste is in the family of rich people, but apparently she thinks she's "not rich enough". This is one of many, many, many reasons why I hate this character. Brandon (bless his beloved soul) is from Riverside so lot of distrust and crap going on when he moves to Legends Runs High school. 
So after one afternoon of getting your future read, Celeste's dumb friends are late to some practice (Im so terrible. I can't even remember what practice it was) and leave her to walk home alone. Note that Brandon's already in school and that it is in the middle of winter. Like I said, Celeste has dumb friends. So Celeste walks home and gets lost. Which, by the way, is real smooth. So dummy here keeps on walking. So soon enough dummy is surrounded by a pack of bloody wolves. Note again that the wolves aren't really bloodied. 
Soon enough our hero comes in and scares the wolves off but gets bit. 
Next full moon: So during the full moon Celeste is dropping off something (I forgot; I'm so bad) and she stays and the moon is full and-blah blah blah-Brandon and Celeste start kissing (Eww, disgusting. We all saw this coming. You know you saw this coming before you even read what I wrote). Then Brandon transforms into a werewolf thing (yawn. You know, same-old, same-old) and he tells her to leave ( or maybe she runs away) and well next school day Celeste asks Brandon about it and he doesn't remember a thing. 
And that was the point I left of at. I seriously couldn't take it anymore. It was literally ruining my soul. My soul was in actual pain. And it's not the pain you feel when you're mourning someone. No, no. This pain wraps around you and slowly suffocates you until you can't breathe. You can see what's happening but you can't prevent it. Yea, that's the feeling I got from this book. I literally had premature lows after I read something from this book. That's how bad it is.