Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey, look at me, following through on my promise like that. I'm so proud of myself. So on with the show...
So Adversary pretty much starts with Maddie having a nightmare and waking up when Drew shot himself. Side note:you should read Minder before reading this post. Some things might just make more sense that way. Drew was coming over to tell Trevor and Maddie that they were going on a mission. They had to get past Greg and Frank's (their team trainers) latest test. They pass. 
So later on in the fourth chapter (I'm so terrible given y'all these details like you might not want to find out by yourself) Maddie is going to check on Trevor because of...something. So Trevor's hands-that's what he calls them-throw Maddie down from where she was up on the loft. She lands wrong and breaks her leg, which is super smooth. Matilda-one of the healers-heals her leg but tell it didn't heal correctly and so she sends Trevor, Grace, Hannah, Zack-a new charm-, Rachel, and Maddie to get a MRI. They sent the new charm because he can naturally block and so the want a head check. 
So they do that shiz and return to an empty Ganzfield. There are dead bodies everywhere from The Sons of Adam people who attacked them. (I finally figured out what happened in Minder. I guess I'll tell ya now. Basically Trevor and Maddie go to town to get some supplies. While Maddie's in the store, Trevor gets captured by The Sons of Adam. Then Grace, Hannah, Rachel, Drew-I think-and Maddie go to rescue Trevor. Trevor was strapped up to a bed and knocked out. So they save him and blah blah blah. Happy ending.) So Rachel seeks out Sean (a spark and her boyfriend) to see if he's dead. He's at his families camp. So they all go and seeing that people are alive and well, they figure out Matilda and her twin, Morris, are missing. Rachel uses her RV powers and they go to the house where the two healers are kept (Matilda and Morris are both healers). They find out Isaiah is there (you learn about him in Minder). 
So Rachel, Cecelia, Sean, Hannah, Drew, Trevor and Maddie go out to rescue Matilda and Morris. There Matilda tells Trevor that Isaiah can charm, RV, and use his original Minder powers. Maddie, ever the hero, decides that no one is safe unless Isaiah is dead. 
So she sneaks in to his house where Isaiah is having this charity thing. Isaiah notices another Minder close by and charms everyone to freeze. Dumbly Maddie doesn't freeze and Isaiah notices. So they both tap into their killer power (only Isaiah and Maddie can kill people through their Minder powers), and they both break each others shields and fry each others Broca area ( you know the one that allows you to speak and shiz). So now Isaiah can't charm anyone and Maddie's speechless, quite literally. And stuff happens and Trevor throws Isaiah out the window and Sean died because he was making sure Trevor was okay. And then Trevor and Maddie (after Maddie  wakes up from a 9 day coma) are in the middle of a trap to kill Isaiah, which doesn't work. And something or another happens and the book ends. 

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