Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ellen Schreiber-Once in a Full Moon

Okay "Once In A Full Moon" screams werewolves. Yes there are werewolves involved. One werewolf from what I can tell. This obviously means I didn't finish the book. Which I didn't. I'm lady enough to admit I didn't finish the dumb book. I got halfway through and I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm a HUGE wimp. So this isn't  gonna be all accurate but whateva. So let us begin. 
So the main character is this chick named Celeste Parker. I guess the main male character is some dude named Brandon (Im such a nit that I forgot his last name and the only way I know Celeste's is because I couldn't figure out what her first name was so I searched it up). 
So the place is Legends Run. So Celeste doesn't believe in the whole werewolf legend going around. This is one of two things I actually like about this character. Yea one of two. The other thing I like is she's not biased about what "side of the tracks" you live in. 
So basically Legends Run is split in two sections. There's the Westside and the Riverside. The Riverside is full of "poor" people who stand by tradition and all that jazz. The Westside is full of stuck up, think-they're-better-than-you people. If you haven't guessed it yet, the Westside is full of rich people. 
So Celeste is in the family of rich people, but apparently she thinks she's "not rich enough". This is one of many, many, many reasons why I hate this character. Brandon (bless his beloved soul) is from Riverside so lot of distrust and crap going on when he moves to Legends Runs High school. 
So after one afternoon of getting your future read, Celeste's dumb friends are late to some practice (Im so terrible. I can't even remember what practice it was) and leave her to walk home alone. Note that Brandon's already in school and that it is in the middle of winter. Like I said, Celeste has dumb friends. So Celeste walks home and gets lost. Which, by the way, is real smooth. So dummy here keeps on walking. So soon enough dummy is surrounded by a pack of bloody wolves. Note again that the wolves aren't really bloodied. 
Soon enough our hero comes in and scares the wolves off but gets bit. 
Next full moon: So during the full moon Celeste is dropping off something (I forgot; I'm so bad) and she stays and the moon is full and-blah blah blah-Brandon and Celeste start kissing (Eww, disgusting. We all saw this coming. You know you saw this coming before you even read what I wrote). Then Brandon transforms into a werewolf thing (yawn. You know, same-old, same-old) and he tells her to leave ( or maybe she runs away) and well next school day Celeste asks Brandon about it and he doesn't remember a thing. 
And that was the point I left of at. I seriously couldn't take it anymore. It was literally ruining my soul. My soul was in actual pain. And it's not the pain you feel when you're mourning someone. No, no. This pain wraps around you and slowly suffocates you until you can't breathe. You can see what's happening but you can't prevent it. Yea, that's the feeling I got from this book. I literally had premature lows after I read something from this book. That's how bad it is. 

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