Sunday, March 9, 2014


As promised I have a review. For the whole week I've been trying to figure out which book to review. Then I finished the last book in this series. And I needed to review it. Badly.
The first book, Divergent, was (in my opinion) the best flipin' book in the trilogoy. Why? Because it was fast paced, thrilling, amazing and a whole lot of other words.
The second book, Insurgent, was okay, I guess, but not really as...good as the first book. Why? Because there was a lot of trust issues between Tris and Tobias. My Toby keeps things from Trissy girl, doesn't trust Tris' judgement; says that her jealousy is clouding her judgement. Tris' judgement was correct.
Now I'm gonna drop a bomb on all of y'all. So if you dont want this bomb, leave. Cause Im about to tell you how Alligent ends. Ready? Tris dies. Yep she dies. Goes through this death serem, lives, then shuts down this memory serem that was gonna erase thwarting memories of everyone in the community. Then the leader of this group outside of the community, David, shots her and she dies. Originally, her brother, Caleb, was gonna do this, but even though he was gonna let Trissy girl die, she goes ahead and does it instead. She dies. Im still trying to wrap my head around this information. I can't even look at the bloody book. Because it ruined my dreams. I thought Tris would, I don't know, come back alive. I was crying for hours. I swear to the Chocolate Lord. Even now, I wanna cry.
I give this whole series, as a whole, four and a half stars. Would be five, but nooo Veronica Both had to kill, kill Tris. Dummy needs to rewrite the end part of the book and sell that too. Then label it "Alligent, the nicer version".
Im done now. I'll try, really I will, to get at least 2 reviews out every month. 

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