Monday, March 3, 2014

This is how Awesome I am!

So I know I haven't wrote in awhile-which makes me feel really guilty-but I have good reasons. First off, it was winter break. Everyone does nothing on winter break. Sadly, that population includes me. Gosh, I really need a life. But any who, there was also Christmas followed by New Year which was then followed by school. :( So not cool. So sorry. So I promise that I will try to get a review out sometime this week, after I find the right book that I'm looking for. And I think I have it, but I'm not sure. But (yes there is a but to my ranting and apologizing) there is another reason I haven't posted another review. I know what you're thinking. That I need some help because there are waaayyy to many reasons for me not to post. But I believe this is a valid one. A very valid one, seeing as how I put this down the summer of '13. I believe... Any ways I need to get back on track. Where was I? Reason. Valid reason. I took back up on writing this one book. I know. I know. Stare at this screen in confusion and caution because I'm a psychopath. But this means a lot to me. It was the first book idea that I ever wrote on paper. Yep, if you live close to me, you can probably hear me screaming with joy and running down the street in a bathing suit, cause I don't do nude. So my first ever baby was at 17 maybe 18 pages when I put it down and suddenly in just a few days of typing I'm not at page 31-yep reread that. Thirty-fudging-one!-and approximately 9,115 words. Yay! Go Hannah! Okay I'm good. Y'all can continue on with your life now. Just don't mind me. You can forget me. Love y'all, even though y'all are probably ignoring and disowning me now.

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