Monday, December 2, 2013

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

So I wouldnt recommend this for people who are mostly those happy-go-lucky-theres-no-such-thing-as-violence kinda people. They need to be okay with violence. If I havent scared you off, please by any means continue reading.
So young kids and hgltnstav people shouldnt read this because first off its zombies. That in itself explains a lot. Second the main character, Alice (hence the name Alice in Zombieland) kicks major zombie butt. Third Alice and her zombie killer gang kill zombies because they have "gifts" that allow these people to see zombies. So theres also knives, zombie killing training involved too. So onwards...
So Alice's father has seen the zombies eat his familys' soul and stuff and has always been "we must stay inside after dark". It takes strict parenting to a new level. So Alices' little sister, Emma, is doing a recital after dark and Alice manages to coax her father to allow the family to go. So after the rectial and everything they are driving back home and Daddy-O sees a zombie, turns the wheel sharply to advoid it, and the car flips over. So everyone dies and Alice is the soul survivor left. Alice had seen the zombies drag her family and eat their souls but plays that off to a wild pack of dogs or wolves or something. So at the hospital she meets a new bestfriend, Kat, who told her straight up that she was not to call her Kitty or Meow or anything like that.
And sadly folks thats all I can tell you now or else I'll ruin the whole book for ya. Now there is a guy that becomes her "sorta boyfriend", theres (I believe and im just giving a heads up) a few mentions of sex and theres a scene where they go to a club to show the guys that they arent afraid. Theres kissing I know but I usually just skip those parts and skip a page then look to see what theyre doing and act accordingly. So cant really tell you if they are kid/teen appropriate. So dont blame me if ya read them and see they are not teen or kid appropriate cause I just warned ya.
So apart from that its a good book. And I definetly cant wait for the book that came out in October, "Through the Zombie Glass". So see ya at the next review.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Outsider by Micalea Smeltzer

        So its almost 4am and its a school night and I dont even know why Im writing this or why Im up.
         Anywho Ive been feeling real bad cause I havent posted any reviews or anything since for-evvvva! So this is me trying to make it up to complete and utter strangers.
          So this series Outsider is amazing. I personally felt like I was grabbed into the stories and taken on a ride. So this girl Sophie Beaumount-?-is moving in with her Gran in Virginia cause her Dad is being "transferred" to Germany. So she moves in with her Gran and starts working at her Grans' bakery shop thing/place/store. There she bumps into Caeden and things started flying. Literally. He stares at her then drops some cupcakes on the floor.
         Dang I knew writing this late wasnt good for my mental health. Should really earse those spoilers but guess what? I dont feel like it. I feel so proud of myself for remembering a book that I havent read in months. So Im just gonna let yall have that.
           So overall I give this a 4 star (****) review. Because I have this thing with cliffhangers and I get so annoyed with them. Outsider has a cliffhanger. Insider has a cliffhanger. Fighter has a cliffhanger. And even though it should be the last book Avenger will probably-most likely-have a cliffhanger.
           So yep there we have it. Im gonna go knock myself out now. Bye!!!!!
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Where the awesomeness begins and reviews are put on hold.

Okay so I've been asking myself "how am I going to put my awesomeness on a blog?" Well people i have your answer. Instead of writing blog after blog about someone elses books, I'm going to give you guys a peak-it's a big peak, mind you-of book(s) that I am currently typing/writing in my spare time. Now I know I haven't blogged in awhile but it was because I have to tutor my students in my class-I am that good at math-and I've been doing homework and yadah, yadah, yadah. So during my free-time in class I've been writing a story. Don't really know what the bloody world it's about other than this girl, Courtney or something(haven't really wrote what her name is yet)was admitted to a crazy hospital when her sister, Lesa died. Then she is swept away to Hell(I write about supernatural things, okay? Deal with it)where she is to rule sside by side with Henry, her chosen, as queen. So now that that's done with, time for you to see the prolouge thingy. "It was so dark in here. I could see a light, not so far away. My friend was there. She looked so worried, it made me worry. I wanted to kill whoever had made my strong, supportive friend worry. That's when I realized it. She was worried about me! Why was she worried? She had to know that I was fine. I was walking towards her, towards the light that surrounded my friend I saw as my mother walked up befind my friend. I reached towards them. A voice at my back yelled at me to coe back, but all I wanted to do was to surround myself in my mothers and friends love and suppot. I touched their fingers with mine and then, their faces morphed into something so evil, so ugly I stumbled backwards. The two demon like things locked their hands around my fragile wrist. They then yanked me forward. Forward into what I knew was Hell. Literally." So I might be doing these peaks until A) Im done with the book, then you can read it or B) I leave this project behind and start a new one where you will still get peaks at.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The House of Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

Okay to start off, I feel really bad that I haven't posted in awhile. So... REVIEW TIME!!! The House of Scorpion was actually recommended by my libraian at my school. My friend J-Rod had it so I kinda stole it from him, kinda took it. Yea, so my personal opinion of this book is that the lady, maid person and everyone else go from being all pissy to all sweet and innocent. What the bleep!!! It also says growled a lot. They are NOT animals people even if Matt is a clone, he's still not an animal. While the story line and plot were very interesting-in my opinion people, this isn't YOUR review blog so shut it-it also confused me a lot. Like it just doesn't go into as much details as I would like so it was kinda a bummer when it only explained in full on details about the little things like the secret tunnel and the shtuff. I think-wait scratch that-I KNOW I had better expectations for this book so it was kind of depressing knowing it didn't meet my standereds. Anyways...I'll give this book 3.5 stars. Chio!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paranormal Public Series-Maddy Edwards

First off let me say I just loved, absoultly loved, this series. Edwards has a way of drawing in your attention. Just captivating all your focus into this series to the point where you are left wondering what's happening next. I seriously couldn't put my kindle down at ALL! It had this way of captivating my attention to the point where during class-time I would be zoning off-that's nothing new really-and just picturing what Charolete is doing with Keller. Do NOT get me started on Keller. Too late. So Keller is a fallen angel-total hotness-and his parents are SUPER strict about who he marries and what-not. He practically goes against what everyone says and when the going get's tough, he stays. I love all the characters except Camilla. Ohh and I also hate Zerous. So all in all I would give this 4 3/4 stars just because at times I wanted to strangle the author because of the love triangle in Paranormal Public otherwise known as the first book in the series.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Long Time, No See

Okay so for the book "Only the good spy young" ny Ally Carter I would have to give a 5 star just because this book interdouces my favorite book character of all time. Zachary Goode. Ahhh *dreamy sigh* so I would personally say this is my favorite right after the 5th book in the 6 part series "Out of sight, Out of Time". I love how Carter makes you feel like you are in Cammie's footsteps. It just makes the story come alive. Link for Amazon:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Starfire Angels- Melanie Nilles

This is the first book in the "Dark Angel Chronicles". Let me just tell all of you, I was very surprised with the outcome of this book. Usually when you get Free-be's on Amazon and Baren's and Nobles, the writing is TERRIBLE! But this book was so good, I just couldn't put it down. No matter what I did, I always ended up with my phone in my hands, on my kindle app, reading the story. I knew Pallin was trouble when they first introduced him. Some authors play this game of cat and mouse where the villian pretends to be innocent and then trys to kill someone. Let me just say that was not what happened with this story. You kinda just get this...vibe about Pallin that he's bad. Whenever Raea was with him I was always cursing her to hell and back. I couldn't stand Raea the first half of the book. Now of course I love Raea. So to sum it up for you I will not be talking about the purple-eyed hottie that I so want to meet, I hate Pallin, I love the author and I love Raea. Yep and for this book I give it FIVE STARS!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Matched by Ally Condie

I give this book a 3 1/2 star rating. It was a good book , don't get me wrong. But sometimes I was left wondering what the hell the author was getting at. Sometimes you cant really understand what Cassia is doing. Don't get me wrong this is a great book, other than love triangle. I personally can't stand love triangle. It's all "I love you , no I love you, I love you wait, I don't know,.". If Cassia could make up her mind on who she likes, maybe just maybe, I would have actually liked this book.

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