Thursday, October 17, 2013

Outsider by Micalea Smeltzer

        So its almost 4am and its a school night and I dont even know why Im writing this or why Im up.
         Anywho Ive been feeling real bad cause I havent posted any reviews or anything since for-evvvva! So this is me trying to make it up to complete and utter strangers.
          So this series Outsider is amazing. I personally felt like I was grabbed into the stories and taken on a ride. So this girl Sophie Beaumount-?-is moving in with her Gran in Virginia cause her Dad is being "transferred" to Germany. So she moves in with her Gran and starts working at her Grans' bakery shop thing/place/store. There she bumps into Caeden and things started flying. Literally. He stares at her then drops some cupcakes on the floor.
         Dang I knew writing this late wasnt good for my mental health. Should really earse those spoilers but guess what? I dont feel like it. I feel so proud of myself for remembering a book that I havent read in months. So Im just gonna let yall have that.
           So overall I give this a 4 star (****) review. Because I have this thing with cliffhangers and I get so annoyed with them. Outsider has a cliffhanger. Insider has a cliffhanger. Fighter has a cliffhanger. And even though it should be the last book Avenger will probably-most likely-have a cliffhanger.
           So yep there we have it. Im gonna go knock myself out now. Bye!!!!!
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