Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Rush (The Siren Series) by Rachel Higginson

It starts out all weird. I was completely confused at what this was. And then at the end of the first chapter, the main character, Ivy, said how it was her job to leave boys and that was when I was hooked. It wasn't the title or anything like that. No, it was those two sentences. And I was a goner. 
So, I'm at chapter three and I learned in the last two chapters that she had a trust fund. So apparently, when Ivy hit puberty she had to give up any junk food that couldn't go into those snack bags of 100 calories. Ivy then remarked, "I decided my very first purchase with my trust fund would be a candy bar. Okay, probably it would be a plane ticket, but then definitely a candy bar. Maybe two. I'm awesome at dreaming big." And I just quoted that. And I just fell a little more in love with this book because of that quote. It really doesn't take much so it's no surprise, my heart is a player. 

So, I'm through with the book and I quite like it actually. She confessed at around 76% about being a siren. I thought it was different and had a unique feel to it. Turns out Ivy had a little sister she was trying to protect, which I love, and she's also trying to protect her true love, Ryder, by not dating him. And there's all these things against them. I hope in the next book, The Fall, they actually get together and all. 

I'm sorry this is so late. I just finished writing it tonight even though I finished the book the the twenty-fourth. But, when your pet dies you get a few days off.

Rest in peace Buddy. 2009-2014