Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paranormal Public Series-Maddy Edwards

First off let me say I just loved, absoultly loved, this series. Edwards has a way of drawing in your attention. Just captivating all your focus into this series to the point where you are left wondering what's happening next. I seriously couldn't put my kindle down at ALL! It had this way of captivating my attention to the point where during class-time I would be zoning off-that's nothing new really-and just picturing what Charolete is doing with Keller. Do NOT get me started on Keller. Too late. So Keller is a fallen angel-total hotness-and his parents are SUPER strict about who he marries and what-not. He practically goes against what everyone says and when the going get's tough, he stays. I love all the characters except Camilla. Ohh and I also hate Zerous. So all in all I would give this 4 3/4 stars just because at times I wanted to strangle the author because of the love triangle in Paranormal Public otherwise known as the first book in the series.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Long Time, No See

Okay so for the book "Only the good spy young" ny Ally Carter I would have to give a 5 star just because this book interdouces my favorite book character of all time. Zachary Goode. Ahhh *dreamy sigh* so I would personally say this is my favorite right after the 5th book in the 6 part series "Out of sight, Out of Time". I love how Carter makes you feel like you are in Cammie's footsteps. It just makes the story come alive. Link for Amazon: