Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paranormal Public Series-Maddy Edwards

First off let me say I just loved, absoultly loved, this series. Edwards has a way of drawing in your attention. Just captivating all your focus into this series to the point where you are left wondering what's happening next. I seriously couldn't put my kindle down at ALL! It had this way of captivating my attention to the point where during class-time I would be zoning off-that's nothing new really-and just picturing what Charolete is doing with Keller. Do NOT get me started on Keller. Too late. So Keller is a fallen angel-total hotness-and his parents are SUPER strict about who he marries and what-not. He practically goes against what everyone says and when the going get's tough, he stays. I love all the characters except Camilla. Ohh and I also hate Zerous. So all in all I would give this 4 3/4 stars just because at times I wanted to strangle the author because of the love triangle in Paranormal Public otherwise known as the first book in the series.

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