Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Where the awesomeness begins and reviews are put on hold.

Okay so I've been asking myself "how am I going to put my awesomeness on a blog?" Well people i have your answer. Instead of writing blog after blog about someone elses books, I'm going to give you guys a peak-it's a big peak, mind you-of book(s) that I am currently typing/writing in my spare time. Now I know I haven't blogged in awhile but it was because I have to tutor my students in my class-I am that good at math-and I've been doing homework and yadah, yadah, yadah. So during my free-time in class I've been writing a story. Don't really know what the bloody world it's about other than this girl, Courtney or something(haven't really wrote what her name is yet)was admitted to a crazy hospital when her sister, Lesa died. Then she is swept away to Hell(I write about supernatural things, okay? Deal with it)where she is to rule sside by side with Henry, her chosen, as queen. So now that that's done with, time for you to see the prolouge thingy. "It was so dark in here. I could see a light, not so far away. My friend was there. She looked so worried, it made me worry. I wanted to kill whoever had made my strong, supportive friend worry. That's when I realized it. She was worried about me! Why was she worried? She had to know that I was fine. I was walking towards her, towards the light that surrounded my friend I saw as my mother walked up befind my friend. I reached towards them. A voice at my back yelled at me to coe back, but all I wanted to do was to surround myself in my mothers and friends love and suppot. I touched their fingers with mine and then, their faces morphed into something so evil, so ugly I stumbled backwards. The two demon like things locked their hands around my fragile wrist. They then yanked me forward. Forward into what I knew was Hell. Literally." So I might be doing these peaks until A) Im done with the book, then you can read it or B) I leave this project behind and start a new one where you will still get peaks at.