Friday, August 22, 2014

If I Stay

Let me just say that this book is becoming a movie. My mum had bought the book and I remembered her telling me about it and then the trailor came on during a commercial break and I had to read the book because I wanted to see the movie. Now here we are. Three days later.
So this is a story of a girl in high school who is in her last year and has a brother, a mother, and a former rocker-turned middle school teacher dad. The girl is named Mia. This is a story of her memories of the people she loves.
Her rocker boyfriend, Adam.
Her middle school teacher father.
Her stern loving mother.
Her eight or seven year old brother, Teddy.
Mia was in a car accident while going to a family friends house. It was a snowy day in Oregon and the family got hit by a truck. The driver came our clean. Her parents died on impact. Her brother eventually died in a hospital.
This is a story about the heartfelt memories of Mia and her family and boyfriend. She has the happy memories. And with happy memories, she has sad memories. But the memories lead up to one thing.
A decision that Mia needs to make.
Does she want to keep living?
Or will she give in to death?
Will she stay?
Or will she leave?
Will she go on with the support of her friends and cherish the memories of her late family?
Or will the pain be too much?

I think this book puts a new perspective on things. People say that coma patients can hear what you're saying. This is a book off of that belief. Mia is taking in the reactions of her friends in a ghostly form. She takes it all in and has to decide on her own fate. This is all in her hands.

I liked this story. I cried in the end because it seems unfair that so many people have to die and if this is what they went through to make their decision. That's not to say that she dies. Or that she lives. If you want to figure that out you need to read the book.

I will tell you that Adam, Mia's boyfriend, has a story of what he experienced. Afted you read If I Stay, that is if you read it, you can read Adam's story, Where She Went. It is a happy ending.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Paranormal Public

Have you ever had that feeling that your heart was being torn in half? If you haven't experienced it, the only way I can explain it is that your heart is hurting and yearning for something or someone, I guess. I don't really know how to explain it.

But that feeling of a heart being torn was what happened to make me stop reading this series.

First off, the author, Maddy Edwards, put six more books of the series on Amazon without telling or consulting me. And I thought that the series had ended, but apparently it didn't.

The second reason is the character, Lisabelle. Lisabelle is a dark mage (witch) and is battling the evil and darkness within her. Lisabelle's friends, Charlotte (main character and only known Elemental) and Sip (short for Sip-something and is a tiny werewolf with purple eyes), are keeping her, Lisabelle, tied to the ground, you could say.

Lisabelle, to me, represents hope. Hope that even in the thickest part of the woods, I can make a clear path to the Meadow of Relief not to far away. If you know me, you'll know what I have been through and the thoughts that I have had since 2012.

Crash course on Hannah 101: I am bipolar and had been through a tough time after one of my dearest friends left. I was emotionally withdrawn and wouldn't sleep or eat. Then one day I was happy and I thought that was it. Then I was sad. It happened again and so I searched it up. I self diagnosed myself with bipolar disorder and had a therapist confrim it later. I was on a medication I didn't like, so I suffered through withdrawals. Even though it was painful, it was worth it in the end for me because of that floaty feeling I get on a high. I had dark thoughts and then I read about Lisabelle and how she was fighting against the darkness inside her and it just gave me hope. If she could do, so could I, right?

I became attached, in a way, to Lisabelle. And then the author had Lisabelle give in to darkness and I completely lost all hope. Thankfully, I had friends to help puck up the pieces for me and put me back together while I stood there in shock. But that's not the point.

The point is that, this author had Lisabelle give in. I knew it would happen, but I had hoped it wouldn't.

It wasn't the fact that Keller and Charlotte broke up, or because of all the hell hounds and demons. It wasn't because Sip was kidnapped. It was because Lisabelle gave in. That sounds weird, I know. But no one saw the happiness I got and the hope I had when Lisabelle was on the good side.

It was a good series, it was. But I just couldn't finish the last two books. The only other thing (besides Lisabelle) that made me want to stop is the length. I know some series are that long and I applaud those that stick through to the end. But for me it was too long. I think it was all the drama. Nine books. That means lots of drama. And life has so much drama and no happy ending and that's why I go to books. Because while they have drama, they usually have happy endings. And I need those happy endings because life doesn't always have a happy ending because people have things happen to them and they can't go forward. So books need happy endings!

If you can commit to a series this long, go for it! Don't let my crappy, depressing review stop ya!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Iron Butterfly

So this is going to be one post that I wrote throughout the whole book so that I dont forget anything.
So far, I have found at least two or three weird punctuation mistakes. The first was " 'hadn't " which I thought was weurd because, hey, how would you accidentally put an apostrosphe before the correct spelling of the word? I think the author is putting apostrophes before contractions, which to me seems weird. And then there was an underscore at the beginning of a sentence instead of a space. ???
And for right now, mind you I am only 14% through the book, I think the books good. The girl just broke out of prison with the help of her two inmates. So, it seems pretty cool so far and I'm anxious to see how this all plays out...
38%: I'm getting the feeling that this book might just be a love triangle. There's these two boys so far, Kael and Joss. Kael is the one that broke her out of the prison thing and the first handsome guy she's seen ajnce imprisonment. Then there's Joss. *weary sigh* Joss is one of the two guys that saved her and he feels like Thalia (I don't think I mentioned the chicks name yet) is his responsibility since he saved her and blah, but Thalia has a crush on him and gets jealous when pretty girls are around him. Ugh! This is turning out to be a love triangle... And Thalia is attacked by a wild bunch of dogs, where you will see Kael and how he saves her and runs when he hears someone coming. Dundunduuuuuunnnnn...
78%: (spoiler) Thalia realizes that Kael is shit! Whoo-ho! All it took was him saying he wished he had left her for dead. But yay! I'm such a freak...
89%: I hate Kael and might just kill him in my mind before the books done. Goodnews, the main character got her powers! Yay! I need help...

I have now finished the book... I didn't really expect that ending... It was truly beautiful. Bravo! Bravo! It only took me 12 hours and 2 hours of intense pain in my lower abdomen to finish it!

I didn't think I would actually like this book. And for some reason, I was actually...sad...when Kael left. And then I was angry when Joss kisses Thalia. I have some serious issues.

But the book was rather pleasent and I might read on in this series.

The book pattern (so far) is:

The Iron Butterfly

The Steele Wolf

The Silver Siren

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I think I'm a literature whore. Or maybe I am a literature slut? I don't know why but I gravitate towards things with words. I have writen poetry and reviews and essays and reviews and I swear-I SWEAR-I am writing 8 different books at once.

Currently my new interest is one called Breathing. It's about a girl, 17 year old Carla Langley, who's best friend drowned near her. Carla has lost all faith in humanity and feels like her best friend, Keilsy's, death is her fault. And so she meets these twins, Ryley-she has 4 years left to live because of lung cancer-and her brother, Nolan-who's gay amd is picked on but still remains happy and optimistic about life. They show her that her life didn't end with Keilsy and that she should just keep breathing.

And there we go. Literature slut, right here! So far this is one of the longest I've written with almost five chapters and already an epilogue (don't ask questions. These things just come to me for some reason). So far I'm optimistic about this one. Also this one speaks out in the cluttered of my minds thoughts.

So far I have 2 people reading it as I go along and giving me feedback. Go Hannah! Maybe I might actually finish this one. *gasp* Hehe. I'm crazy about these things. Don't ask why.