Friday, August 22, 2014

If I Stay

Let me just say that this book is becoming a movie. My mum had bought the book and I remembered her telling me about it and then the trailor came on during a commercial break and I had to read the book because I wanted to see the movie. Now here we are. Three days later.
So this is a story of a girl in high school who is in her last year and has a brother, a mother, and a former rocker-turned middle school teacher dad. The girl is named Mia. This is a story of her memories of the people she loves.
Her rocker boyfriend, Adam.
Her middle school teacher father.
Her stern loving mother.
Her eight or seven year old brother, Teddy.
Mia was in a car accident while going to a family friends house. It was a snowy day in Oregon and the family got hit by a truck. The driver came our clean. Her parents died on impact. Her brother eventually died in a hospital.
This is a story about the heartfelt memories of Mia and her family and boyfriend. She has the happy memories. And with happy memories, she has sad memories. But the memories lead up to one thing.
A decision that Mia needs to make.
Does she want to keep living?
Or will she give in to death?
Will she stay?
Or will she leave?
Will she go on with the support of her friends and cherish the memories of her late family?
Or will the pain be too much?

I think this book puts a new perspective on things. People say that coma patients can hear what you're saying. This is a book off of that belief. Mia is taking in the reactions of her friends in a ghostly form. She takes it all in and has to decide on her own fate. This is all in her hands.

I liked this story. I cried in the end because it seems unfair that so many people have to die and if this is what they went through to make their decision. That's not to say that she dies. Or that she lives. If you want to figure that out you need to read the book.

I will tell you that Adam, Mia's boyfriend, has a story of what he experienced. Afted you read If I Stay, that is if you read it, you can read Adam's story, Where She Went. It is a happy ending.

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