Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Effortless With You

I hated the main character. I truly did. In the beginning at least. She just seemed so self-involved. She cared only about her status and, in the beginning of the story, seeks out after being grounded, gets caught and is forced into a summer job. This chick has thinks she has the right, the right, to blame her mother for something out of her control. She questions everything around, except for her "best friend," who isn't really her friend. This "best friend" is making out with our main characters boyfriend. And I hated the best friend, she was just so selfish and ugly and ugh, I wanted to stab myself.
Anyways, the main character had played basketball during her freshman or sophomore year. But like all things, it came to an end. She was the star player, made the winning shots and had her face in the newspaper. Everyone seemed to tolerate her. Until they abused her, which caused her to quit.
It's a well written novel, in my opinion, and I liked it in the end. But I almost put it down halfway through but I kept chugging on. You see the character grow. It's not an instant change, an over night change. It's throughout the course of the summer and that's why I bought it and one of the few reasons I liked it. She didn't just do a 360 turn. No, it was a slow, easy going turn. And I loved that. I didn't feel like the author was trying to rush anything, in all honesty I hated how slow it felt at times. It was easy going then fast and then slow. Repeat and rewash throughout book. And I would sometimes get bored. But I like it and that's what counts.

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