Monday, December 2, 2013

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

So I wouldnt recommend this for people who are mostly those happy-go-lucky-theres-no-such-thing-as-violence kinda people. They need to be okay with violence. If I havent scared you off, please by any means continue reading.
So young kids and hgltnstav people shouldnt read this because first off its zombies. That in itself explains a lot. Second the main character, Alice (hence the name Alice in Zombieland) kicks major zombie butt. Third Alice and her zombie killer gang kill zombies because they have "gifts" that allow these people to see zombies. So theres also knives, zombie killing training involved too. So onwards...
So Alice's father has seen the zombies eat his familys' soul and stuff and has always been "we must stay inside after dark". It takes strict parenting to a new level. So Alices' little sister, Emma, is doing a recital after dark and Alice manages to coax her father to allow the family to go. So after the rectial and everything they are driving back home and Daddy-O sees a zombie, turns the wheel sharply to advoid it, and the car flips over. So everyone dies and Alice is the soul survivor left. Alice had seen the zombies drag her family and eat their souls but plays that off to a wild pack of dogs or wolves or something. So at the hospital she meets a new bestfriend, Kat, who told her straight up that she was not to call her Kitty or Meow or anything like that.
And sadly folks thats all I can tell you now or else I'll ruin the whole book for ya. Now there is a guy that becomes her "sorta boyfriend", theres (I believe and im just giving a heads up) a few mentions of sex and theres a scene where they go to a club to show the guys that they arent afraid. Theres kissing I know but I usually just skip those parts and skip a page then look to see what theyre doing and act accordingly. So cant really tell you if they are kid/teen appropriate. So dont blame me if ya read them and see they are not teen or kid appropriate cause I just warned ya.
So apart from that its a good book. And I definetly cant wait for the book that came out in October, "Through the Zombie Glass". So see ya at the next review.