Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Iron Butterfly

So this is going to be one post that I wrote throughout the whole book so that I dont forget anything.
So far, I have found at least two or three weird punctuation mistakes. The first was " 'hadn't " which I thought was weurd because, hey, how would you accidentally put an apostrosphe before the correct spelling of the word? I think the author is putting apostrophes before contractions, which to me seems weird. And then there was an underscore at the beginning of a sentence instead of a space. ???
And for right now, mind you I am only 14% through the book, I think the books good. The girl just broke out of prison with the help of her two inmates. So, it seems pretty cool so far and I'm anxious to see how this all plays out...
38%: I'm getting the feeling that this book might just be a love triangle. There's these two boys so far, Kael and Joss. Kael is the one that broke her out of the prison thing and the first handsome guy she's seen ajnce imprisonment. Then there's Joss. *weary sigh* Joss is one of the two guys that saved her and he feels like Thalia (I don't think I mentioned the chicks name yet) is his responsibility since he saved her and blah, but Thalia has a crush on him and gets jealous when pretty girls are around him. Ugh! This is turning out to be a love triangle... And Thalia is attacked by a wild bunch of dogs, where you will see Kael and how he saves her and runs when he hears someone coming. Dundunduuuuuunnnnn...
78%: (spoiler) Thalia realizes that Kael is shit! Whoo-ho! All it took was him saying he wished he had left her for dead. But yay! I'm such a freak...
89%: I hate Kael and might just kill him in my mind before the books done. Goodnews, the main character got her powers! Yay! I need help...

I have now finished the book... I didn't really expect that ending... It was truly beautiful. Bravo! Bravo! It only took me 12 hours and 2 hours of intense pain in my lower abdomen to finish it!

I didn't think I would actually like this book. And for some reason, I was actually...sad...when Kael left. And then I was angry when Joss kisses Thalia. I have some serious issues.

But the book was rather pleasent and I might read on in this series.

The book pattern (so far) is:

The Iron Butterfly

The Steele Wolf

The Silver Siren

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